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Why do you need a PhD in Saudi Arabia or other Middle East countries?


Why do you need a PhD in Saudi Arabia or other Middle East countries?

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Why do you need a PhD in Saudi Arabia or other Middle East countries?

Why do you need a PhD in Saudi Arabia or other Middle East countries?

The largest Arab state in the Middle East also occupies the number one position in terms of economy. This region of Western Asia has been gaining the confidence and support of many investors and corporations and therefore has now transformed into a positive economic growth for all the countries of the Middle East. In addition to the fact that since 2007 there has been no economic stagnation, let alone deficit in these countries, the famous Expo 2020 is going to be held in the Emirates, as a further statement of the economic importance and stability of Saudi Arabia, UAE and the neighbouring territories. The eyes of the entire planet are focused on the development of this region, rendering both private and official institutions highly involved in expanding and improving their activity.

The demand for higher education

 Because of the low density of population in these regions, Middle Eastern higher education institutions are just now scratching the surface of the global educational background. Paradoxically, the demand for people with degrees and expertise in specific fields now reaches historical records. Starting with India, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, China, and many more the list of corporations seeking to establish a headquarters in this region is expanding at an amazing rate.

The petroleum and gas industries are bringing in even more profit as the price of oil steadily rises, whereas other sectors such as health care, infrastructure, water-supply, civil and chemical engineering, as well as reliable energy are constantly boosted by the high in-take of financial resources. Therefore, there simply aren’t enough people with the necessary proficiency to account for the available positions and the pace that these countries are developing at.

 A PhD in this background is everything you need

 BAs and MAs are often encountered on CVs, but a professional applicant that boasts a PhD on his resume is not going to be overlooked, regardless of the company he or she is applying for. More often than not people will be offering you higher incentives in order to continue your collaboration with them. Having a doctorate makes a statement not only about your level of knowledge in a certain domain, but also about the level of responsibility that you can handle, while still paying attention to details.

You shouldn’t be surprised if a PhD is going to get you to a directorial chair in less than two years of working with a corporation that is active in the Middle East. Your salary and job security are going to skyrocket, but you’ll also have to be constantly engaged with the evolution and advancement of your team and projects.

 Getting accustomed to the culture

 While highly educated individuals are usually treated with reverence, you’ll still be required to abide to political and social customs that are specific to your country of residence. The atmosphere of a religious totalitarian regime can be quite different from the freedom and chaos of the West, but foreigners constitute the majority of the population in these countries, which means that others have adapted just as well, whereas some people actually find the order more pleasant.

Even if you don’t land into a job that has amazing advancement prospects, you can take the time to accustom yourself to the cultural background and then seek other, more enjoyable working environments. Your doctorate is going to guarantee you’ll have a job no matter what, for a good amount of years to come.


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